Fly me to the Moon! 
…or at least the Hold (Moon) Street Market, which hosts the second VinCE Champagne a Holdon (Champagne on the Moon) event on 9 December.

After last year’s roaring success, we now return to savour some genuine Sunday hedonism in the Downtown Market, where an unforgettable brunch and champagne breakfast await. The event aims to showcase the full range of Hungarian ‘champagne’ (pezsgő) and sparkling wines, while there are also plenty of culinary delights on offer.

Rare is the occasion to sample so many special and exclusive items in one place, though this event offers much more besides. Once again, this year will see some of the most prestigious eateries visit the market to offer a unique and mouth-watering array of food to dazzle our guests. Whether it’s the mouth-watering sausages of Lakatos Műhely, the burgers of Kandalló Market or the Russian delicacies of MoszkvaTÉR that take your fancy, you can be sure to find a sparkling wine that best suits your choice of food – and just like last year, a glass of wine comes with the dish. The extravagant Canadian chef Anatoli Belov’s restaurant Husikám is a newcomer on the mezzanine floor, while the Champoint a 4 majomhoz champagne bar is located on the ground floor, where you can enjoy a range of bar food from two well-known faces, Lajos Bíró and Szabolcs Szabadfi. As you enter the market, you are sure to be enticed by the traditional Hungarian flavours and canteen tables of the Haxen Market, while downstairs you will find the Vörös Homár gastro bar, featuring some seriously delicious oysters, and Stand25 Bisztró, headed by perhaps Hungary’s most famous celebrity chef couple, Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll. The other two units, Buja Disznók and A Séf utcája, both the property of Lajos Bíró, are also busy getting ready for the event. In addition to some tender meat in breadcrumbs from the former, we can also look forward to the exciting dishes so typical of the latter. The popular actor Győző Szabó has spent plenty of time behind the stalls in the market, and you can find cuisine from around the world and lots of wine in his eatery, Steamboo. Magnum, arguably one of the favourite words of champagne lovers, features heavily on the menu, but good luck trying to work out what exactly it means here!

A live DJ will bring a party atmosphere to the brunch, while you will also have the chance to enjoy a chat with some industry experts about champagnes and sparkling wine at the exhibition stands.

One thing is for sure: there will be a veritable parade of sparkling wines, some amazing food, awesome music and a great atmosphere at Budapest’s finest food market, in the refined surroundings of the Hold Street Market Hall.

The most stylish brunch of the year will take place on Sunday 9 December from 9am to 4pm.

Come along and raise a glass with us!

The entrance fee includes a glass of champagne.