Stand25 Bisztró

After claiming Michelin Stars and the Bocuse d’Or, Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll are sure to have the most joyous kitchen in the Hold Street Market. Their Hungarian cuisine will be ‘freestyle’ with respect to the key ingredient and served in a relaxed and friendly bistro environment. The menu comprises some iconic dishes that have become synonymous with Szabina and Tamás’s names in recent years, including goulash soup and potato casserole. The rest of the food depends on the ingredients available at the time and wherever their creativity happens to take them! Prior booking advised!

Stand25 takeaway – ham, pickles and bread freshly prepared on the premises
Eggs Benedict, ham
Duck liver terrine
Goulash soup
Cottage cheese dumplings


A Séf utcája (The Chef’s street)

This market-sourced food from one of Hungary’s best-known chefs has some true classics, from liver to ratatouille to sausage, pastrami and cholent. As well as some permanent favourites, there is also a daily specials menu, with some returning favourites, while next to the canteen tables you can also find an Asian soup van also belonging to Lajos Bíró. Exciting flavours, generous helpings and, of course, a little bit of mischief – we would expect nothing less!

Stuffed squid
Mushroom Pil Pil, potato

Pol Roger

Buja Disznók

At Bíró’s other unit on the market you can taste some wonderful schnitzel made with a secret recipe, as well as pig’s ear in breadcrumbs and lung stew. Meat in breadcrumbs is a staple of Hungarian Sunday family dinners, and, after some serious preparation, this venue opened to bring the perfect rántot hús and other ‘pork parts’ to your plate. It’s the most popular spot on the market, and with good reason.

Pork Tonkatsu
Classic Buja



The team from the Arany Kaviár restaurant have shown that good food isn’t all about fine dining. Here you can find a selection of the most popular Russian foods – pelmeni, borscht soup, blini and chicken kievs. On Saturdays, you can enjoy a Tsar’s breakfast until noon, while there are also lots of specials available, from chebureki to Georgian meatballs. They also have an authentic and intriguing drinks selection.

Marinated salmon puff with dill and mascarpone
Duck liver terrine with figs and thyme sweetbread

Louis Roederer

Lakatos Műhely

One of the most famous stylists in Hungary, Márk Lakatos is also a true foodie, as his market ‘workshop’ (műhely) ably demonstrates. The sausages are freshly prepared with natural ingredients according to a home-made recipe, while everything from the stews and casseroles to the soups are made in the creative manner and with the high standards that you would expect from Lakatos.

Rooster rilette / humus / gambosa / chervil / scampi
Lamb chops / fennel / apricot / spring roll / potatoes
Black Forest

Piper Heidsieck


Everybody’s favourite Hungarian actor, Győző Szabó loves to travel, cook and eat, and his gastronomic adventures abroad have inspired him to invent a new kind of street food and bring it to Hungary. The only limit to his Asian-European fusion food is his creativity, so the selection on offer varies from day to day but is always exciting. And it really is true: one of Hungary’s most celebrated actors often prepares and serves the food himself!

Benedict Magnum
Prosecco and dill salmon soup
Stuffed polenta balls with wild boar sausages and cream
Vanilla and fruits of the forest rice pudding


Kandalló Market

Painstakingly prepared hamburgers in a range of sizes, featuring captivating flavours and made with only the finest ingredients. Not to mention intoxicating soups, home-made cordials and lemonades. In addition to the superb grub, the appearance of this location is also striking, proving that classic street food can also look great. Budapest may be full of burger bars, but Kandalló Market is certainly one of the best, as is its big brother on Kertész Street.

Kandalló burger

Paul Bara

Haxen Market

The rebirth of a classic Pest eatery on the market, where among other things you can find four kinds of ham hock, bean soup, shredded pancake and summer cabbage rolls on the menu. Canteen tables, an open kitchen, a great selection of beers and all the flavours of a Hungarian childhood! As well as the main menu, they have daily and offer takeaway ham hock for those in a hurry.

Shrimp, duck liver, quince, crackling pogácsa (savoury scone)
Valrhona Manjari chocolate dessert

Veuve Clicquot

Champoint a 4 majomhoz

A newly opened and spectacular wine bar on the ground floor to the side of the marketplace. You can enjoy a good breakfast here in the mornings, prepared in the neighbouring Panificio il Basilico kitchen, where Lajos Bíró has also moved in. Next door, you might also find some bubbly at the bar, not to mention a selection of other wines and spirits. The kitchen and bar are open throughout the day, and this venue has become a new focal point for people who come not for a bit of lunch on the market, but rather for a relaxed atmosphere with drinks in a relaxed setting. It was about time the market had something like this!

Ceviche á la Bíró
The Chef’s Paris sandwich

Laurent Perrier

Vörös Homár Belváros

The atmosphere of the (food) markets always depends on the fish units, even if in the centre of Europe. At the Vörös Homár, you can choose from a range of food you might also expect to find in Barcelona: fresh oysters, exciting seafood dishes and weekly specials. This is a creative bistro bar located on the ground floor of the hall. Of course, you won’t just find great food, but also a fish stall so you can take something with you for some home cooking.

Octopus carpaccio with marinaded beetroot and fried oysters in tempura
Oysters fried in a bed of salt with citrus and garlic butter
Champagne roll (sparkling wine and orange crab meat, pumpkin and rucola sushi)
– Fine de Claires
– Utah beach
– Tsarskaya



Three years ago, two friends arriving from Canada, the chef Anatoli Belov and Krisztián Katona, were able to turn their idea into reality. Their mission is to show us it is possible to use the finest Hungarian ingredients to create premium meat products that are perfect for consumption both on-site and at home. The chef has been working with smoking, curing and marinading meat for 25 years. Right now, they are working on building the Husikám brand, and are planning to start manufacturing their own products in the near future. They have opened their first show kitchen on the Hold Street Market, a place where each and every visitor can enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of flavours.

Marinated red salmon, potato salad, créme fraiche
Sturgeon terrine
St. Jacob mussels, pulled pork, hollandaise sauce
Smoked mangalica belly pork with apple brandy infusion
Belgian waffles, quail, foie gras sauce